Lilac Floral

I am beyond excited to share my exciting news with dear friends & family. After serious thought and contemplation I have decided to open my own floral business, Lilac Floral.

 I first fell in love with the floral industry the moment I moved down to St. George, UT to attend Dixie State College (now University). I was looking for a part-time job flexible enough that I could manage school work and of course a social calender. I eagerly put together my resume; which was very casual seeing as I had worked at many "high school" paced jobs. I dropped my resume off at a few local businesses, nothing I was too excited about.

As I was driving past the Red Cliffs Mall I saw a store front named 'Bloomers'. I immediately flew into the parking lot and swiftly jumped from my car into the shop. I'm sure the whole act looked very foolhardy on my part. I was then greeted by 2 women. Both could tell I was over excited and told me they would get back to me regarding a job position. I anxiously awaited the phone call. The call came a few days later. I was employed by Bloomers Flowers & Decor. Soooo excited!

Two years later, I had finished my time at Dixie State and decided to move back to my hometown of Salt Lake City to further my education at Salt Lake Community College in the Interior Design program. This meant I had to leave my fascinating floral job. I kept in touch with the owner of Bloomers and a few of the other employees. I always looked forward to dropping by the shop when I was in Southern Utah.

After acquiring my certificate in Interior Design I continued to work in the floral industry for another 5 years. I then met my awesome husband and we decided to move to St. George, Utah together. Wahoo! I then contacted the owner of Bloomers in  hope that there was some sort of position open. There was! My husband and I spent two enjoyable and thrilling years in St George as newly weds. Charlie, my husband had just graduated from Dixie State University with a Bachelor in Business. A job opportunity for Charlie in Salt Lake arose and it was an offer too good to refuse. But again, this meant I had to leave my great job.

 So,  we can now fast forward to...  how I'm sitting here now learning how to blog and run my very own business. After over 11 years of being in the floral & wedding industry I am more honored and excited more than ever to venture out on my very own. I now introduce to you, Lilac Floral. Please enjoy the pictures to come and of course check out the website Lilac Floral

Thanks to all the gracious, patient support and love from my cherished family & friends.