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About Lilac

At Lilac Floral our goal is to provide the highest quality floral product available at an affordable price. Between streamlining our supply chain and minimizing our overhead we are able to run an extremely lean operation. At Lilac Floral we believe in passing these cost reductions on to the consumer where they can enjoy a top of the line floral product at a price they won’t find anywhere else in the market. Quality, fresh flowers at an affordable price however is only part of what Lilac Floral is about. Without quality designs and knowledge of floral processes from an experienced florist we would simply wilt. Because of this at the heart of Lilac Floral is our owner and lead designer, Becky Briggs.

About Becky

With a profound love for interior design and nature, Becky has combined two of her favorite passions and has spent over 10 years focusing on the beautiful world of floral design. Becky’s flower aesthetics reflect a rich, refined garden-lush feel with a touch of native and free style. With Becky’s experience in floral design comes with the knowledge of several varieties of flowers, greenery, specific flower seasons, and always finding the most economical way to purchase flowers from a wide variety of growers and farms.

Becky is supported generously by her Husband, Charlie, their 3 year old son, Charlie Wayne and their 8 year old Golden Retriever dog, Harvey AKA the “first born”. We love camping, hiking, good coffee and weekend getaways to our Bear Lake family cabin.